Mentorship and learning from those who’ve walked the path before and achieved their goals are some of the key components to achieving success. Finding a mentor is not always easy and knowing which information to trust on the internet can be even more challenging. There are 100’s of do’s and don’ts when considering going into business or solopreneurship – here are just 5 of my go 2 tips for young or aspiring entrepreneurs to help you get started.


There’s a saying that says “Choose a job you love and never work a day in you life.” – Loosely translated that if you pursue what you love and are passionate, it’ll never feel like work.

Research and experience shows that the most successful start-ups are founded by people passionate about what they do. Do you know what you’re passionate about?

Whether you love biking, music or coding, the things you enjoy doing the most can serve as a great inspiration for business ideas. You’ll be more motivated and focused when you base your ideas on something you are passionate about. Even better, you’ll add your own knowledge and life experiences, which are essential components that can help you find a special perspective to support your success.

According to FreshBooks, in America over 15 million people work for themselves full-time, and according to QuickBooks, 28.2% of workers have some level or form self-employment, including through freelance businesses. 


We never know the outcome of our efforts unless we actually make one. We need not regret failure, but rathe regret not trying. One of the biggest challenge when you’re still starting out is consistency, putting in a consistent effort and always pushing yourself to go to the extra mile. Sometimes we ought to view life as an ongoing university course in which we are always learning new things. And you can! 


It goes without saying that managing a business takes a lot of time and time management is crucial to running an effective, successful and productive business. Time setting gives a list of tasks that must be completed along with an estimated processing time based on the importance of the jobs. Well-timed actions can boost productivity in an activity or work. Before the age of technology organisations made us of physical time sheets to track task and time spent on each one. Today there are numerous online platforms that perform the same function while keeping you in touch with the rest of your organisation, whether it be to track tasks or collaborate on creative ideas. These platforms in Microsoft Teams, Trello, Slack, Monday.com, Microsoft Planner and Jira


As an entrepreneur, you are the vision carrier and you must have the desire to create it, develop it and make it into a reality. In order to keep your team motivated and focused on helping achieve your vision, you have to constantly communicate it and keep your vision clear at all times.

Goal-oriented thinking keeps us inspired to persist, never give up, and make an effort to achieve our objectives. Encourage yourself and your team to have a positive attitude whenever taking action because that gives you confident that you are moving in the right direction.

Self-assured As is well known, having self-assuredness can help people feel less inferior and afraid of trying new things or engaging with others.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF Working hard is important, and you might not have the chance to rest every day when you first start out, but it is important to know when you are overworked. Many people who buy from youth businesses do so because of the youthful component of what they do, a component built on energy and a fascination with everything they are learning. That energy and fascination can burn out very quickly if you are not well rested and ready to go. This is not to say that you should slack off, but that you should know when you are at a limit and celebrate progress when it occurs.

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