My Story


Thank you for looking at my website. I hope you find it interesting.

My name is Bilal Kathrada, and my mission in life is to empower people through education.

We are living in a technology-driven world where crazy, rapid change is taking place all around us constantly. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, computers are smarter than we could ever imagine, and are now capable of doing things never before conceivable – like driving cars.

People are afraid of this change, and wonder what our role as humans will be, or if there is even a place for us.

Let me tell you this: the future is going to be awesome. It is going to be a time of great prosperity, but only for those who are ready to embrace change and master technology.

I am a software engineer, educational technologist, lecturer, online tutor, author, entrepreneur and mentor. I’ve been in the field of Educational Technology for 17 years, where I’ve worked with kids from pre-school through post-grad students. I have a unique gift of having a thorough understanding of both the technology world and the academic world.

I was the Group Head of Learning and Teaching Innovation at Educor, the company that owns Damelin, Intec, Lyceum, Dermatech, City Varsity and the London College of International Business Studies.

I am the founder of IT varsity and CompuKids, two companies that offer a complete and structured technology curriculum to adults and kids, respectively..

I am also an award-winning app developer: I won the Vodacom AppStar award and TIA Technology Innovation Grant, and was finalist in the MTN Business App of the Year 2017, for my Maths eLearning app Ritmetic.

I have lectured and consulted at two universities, the Durban University of Technology and the University of KZN.

I’ve also worked at a number of private tertiary institutes, like MANCOSA, IT varsity and Educor as well as notable corporates like Vodacom, Blackberry and the Morevest Group.

In all my years of experience I’ve seen one thing over and over: technology takes away some opportunities but creates a whole lot more.
The question is, are you ready?